Why ?

Sorry guys if you were looking for a blog about makeup, child rearing or cupcakes written by a 20-something blond female New Yorker… wrong URL !
Here it is for us, men, who strive for suave chic and a zest of smooth sophistication, very difficult to dose right, BELIEVE ME !!!  You want to stand out from the crowd..but not enough and you miss the intended effect, too much and you make a fool of yourself !…   Style of course if very personal, it’s also very often knowing what suits you and we all come in various shapes and forms but still I’m sure we can learn from each other.

I’m also a great believer in making everyday that little bit more special, not just following the crowds and doing the obvious but looking for this extra special moment which makes life so much worth living, could be a trip outside the beaten track, the discovery of a forgotten museum or an out of  this world culinary experience, does not need to be pricey just needs to be memorable, therefore you’ll find on this blog some of my experiences which I feel worthwhile to share but would be great if we could all chip in.

So let’s join forces and exchange ideas and tips on this platform..

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