A legendary island

DSCF0687DSCF9935Zanzibar…just that name evokes the stuff legendary tales are made of…far away land in tropical seas, Arab merchants transporting precious wares on their dhows, 1001 night tale princesses dancing behind the closed shutters of their musharabieh…or if you are a little more prosaic and “rock’n roll” the island where Freddy Mercury came from…

DSCF0368 (2)

Whatever it is, Zanzibar excites the imagination and the senses, located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Tanzania of which it is a semi-autonomous region, it is really a dreamy destination which makes a perfect holiday destination hence why I want to blog about it today, now that summer is near.

DSCF9824DSCF9811You can go all year round but avoid march,  april,  may and november which are the rainy months and remember that it’s  south of the Equator so season are inverted vs northern hemisphere.


3 reasons to go :

  • very laid back
  • not as busy/expensive/well known as Mauritius or the Seychelles
  • extremely  picturesque, if the Rock restaurant is not on your bucket list, add it there now !



A restaurant on a rock in the middle of the sea serving delicious Pasta lobster.

3 points to be aware of

  • Make sure your hotel has a massive pool because you’ll need it
  • can be very windy at times, especially in the south of the island…on the plus side, time to learn kite surfing .
  • Food is very decent, lovely grilled fish but don’t expect to be blown away



Yes, tide goes off far, but I mean very very far, all the time I was there I never managed to get to the water at low tide and sea urchins are a real danger, hence why, even if like me you’re a beach buddy, you’ll end up in your hotel pool. But I was surprised to see they do not have all a massive pool, that’s why I’m advising you to check it first.

DSCF9774Rock restaurant,  choose timing carefully, very close from shore, expensive but worth it Pasta lobster delicicious.

They sell mini safaris in Serengeti on the island and it can be done in 3 days. Most Staff dealing with tourists come from Tanzanian mainland, Zanzibar locals are muslims and seem to shy away from contact with foreigners.

Experience being left on a sand atoll all day and see the tide come up leaving you stranded on a tiny sand patch before it goes out again, photo hunt delicately for colourful and massive star fish.




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