Vacate on a little piece of heaven

imageYou know where they are, tropical islands away from it all, so I’m not going to teach you anything here… But once again style over easy option.


Easy option is the All inclusive hotel with flights that tour operators (brick & mortar or internet based ones) try to flog you … Go ahead if you want to end up in a big complex around a crammed pool, sipping “local alcohol ” cocktails all day long and queuing at the buffet morning, lunch and dinner ..

Much better option ( and not more expensive) is to do your homework and go for a small resort with a more “personal” touch where you’ll see the manager at breakfast every day and be able to ask for that “in the know” tip or special discount on the honeymoon suite – a bit far fetched but I’ve done it in the past-.

Yes, you might not have the heart shaped swimming pool but do you really need it when your bungalow just opens op onto a beautiful and serene view of the Indian Ocean ? I recently went to an expensive resort island in the Maldives marketing themselves as “luxury” with water villas, tens of uniformed staff, massive pool and “gourmet restaurants”… Sorry but this was all wasted on me by the constant flow of guests coming and going all day long, the boats keeps coming and the 2 luggage buggies were working that jetty like it was the M25 on a busy Friday afternoon …

For a true sense of luxury, you want exclusivity and for that you need a small “boutique” style resort…. Yep, that’s it, I’ve said the word and I can see you thinking “extortionately expensive”… You’re wrong my friend, you still have small 4star resorts who do not overcharge you because they do not necessarily have all the bells and trimming but they have better …in my sense anyway and that is peace, quietude, and real away-from-it-all feeling…you will never get that in an all inclusive resort…Thar feeling of laying on your sun lounger on an empty paradisiac beach ?… Priceless !


Try : villa coco in Zanzibar             Holiday island in Laccadive islands (Maldives)





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