How to make your tropical holiday uber special ?

you’ve worked hard for that holiday and you want to make sure it leaves lasting memories for the special person you take with you or even just for yourself because you only deserve the best …

Problem is everybody goes on Tropical holidays these days and you need a bit more thought into it to make it stick… This is how…

1. Avoid the “tourists group tour “.. Do less excursions but make them that more special by either hiring your own chauffeur or chartering your own (mini) yacht. Depends where you go but not necessarily much more expensive… Hiring you own yacht will probably cost a bomb in Cannes but was very reasonable in Cuba. You can decide your own itinerary and timing, and often some extras Cuba our skipper fished and cooked some fresh lobster for us.

2. Avoid large hotels… When checking a hotel website, just a building more than 2 storey high make me look for something else…oh yes, their pools are massive and lovely but how many people will you have to share it with ?  Yes they have a beach bar but is it worth ending up lined like sardines on the sand under stars umbrella so close to each other’s… Much better to choose a smaller “boutique hotel” with a smaller pool but where you’ll probably have the chance to be alone.. Not a great bar means quiet time when you want it and if you really want to party the best club I twin is surely only a short cab ride away.

3. Choose your destination well and avoid all inclusive resorts. Do you really need to be fed at all hours of the day, queue at the buffet and withstand other people’s screaming kids ? Much better to choose a secluded spot where service will be more personal and you can then choose your own restaurants . Small hotel in Ibiza over large resort in Majorca, Canary Islands, Tunisia, Egypt avoid at all price.

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