How to make your holiday pix stand out on social media ?

We’ve all been there, we want everybody to notice where we take our vacations and let’s be honest, we want them to feel at least a teeny weeny bit jel of what we are experiencing …. So here comes the killer shot to be uploaded on Instagram …

But how to take that legendary pic which will break our record “likes” ?

obviously it is subjective but here are at least 3 rules to avoid common pitfalls threatening to damage your social media God street cred

1- no picture whilst eating … Unless you’re eating on a private yacht in the Mediterranean or in a 3Michelin Stars, restaurants set up, background and lighting are rarely worthy of noticing, let alone share with your social media savvy friends. Furthermore, seating at a table, elbow on the table is likely to catch you I a unfalettering pose.

2- the famous “cocktail picture”… You know what I mean, the coconut shell, the multicoloured straws and the mini umbrella… Just, don’t… Or go back to the 80’s !


3-pool picture, do you really want to show you are sharing your “bath water” with so many people and that sun loungers are packed around if like sardines ..? My advise is to avoid this type of pic unless the pool is really, really worth infinity pool, breat taking surroundings or very design.. But then you need to be alone in it … Early morning is usually best !

General advice is to think carefully of your picture construction like a painting.. What will be the foreground , background and where will the eye be drawn to ?

Think about your outfit, hair and pose.. Edit, enhance picture manually rather than using fitter and above all be the first critic of your work… Only let through what you think is worthy of you, rather less pictures but very good quality than a lot of mediocre one.

NEVER and I mean NEVER upload string of pictures that you have not edited before….golden rule never to be broken.  Better to upload only 1 or 2.



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