Ever tried Opera ?

I remember Don Pasquale from Donizetti staged more like a vaudeville-farce than a stuffy 200 years old Opera…with lovers climbing through windows on a revolving stage and tongue in cheek scene like the one below.

w opera 2

But what is fantastic with Opera and don’t necesirily get with other performing arts is the high sense of aesthetism..example below, still from same opera.



I can hear you from here..”it’s for old bankers networking !”..”only corporate invites”…  “expensive and fussy”… YES… but this is still an amazing experience…and I can be so categoric about it because I brought there someone who does not like Opera and we’re neither bankers nor corporate… this is an unrivalled experience to anything you’ve ever had…  I agree there’s a big unknown factor which can make or break this unique experience, its  the weather, hence why it takes place in the summer but we all know what an English summer can be like…wet !

However if you are lucky enough to be there by a hot summer day like I was then the moment becomes not just magical but MA-GI-CAL !!!

Glyndebourne is an Opera festival taking place  in a country place in the beautiful English rural countryside, 2h from central London. The grounds are magnificient in a real timeless, effortless (at least in appearance) English kind of way. The auditorium is second to none, small and with a formidable acoustic, all seats are good and you’re not far from the stage but since it does not accommodate many people it is very expensive…but money well spent in my mind.

Arrive early afternoon, bring table, chairs, rugs and your picnic, wander through the fantastic grounds, look for the sheeps, you feel away from all modern life but don’t forget the most important accessory Champagne… and all that in evening gear, deliciously eccentric ! then when the bell rings, take your seat in the auditorium, enjoy the show, then


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